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About us


Hello! We are the family Bot

We live in a beautiful town in Brabant NL (Genderen) in a large detached farmhouse, where the dogs can play and feel free.

We love dogs and after welcoming the first Chihuahua into our family we and especially the kids, fell in love with these sweet little dogs.

In addition to our Chihuahuas, we also have Rhodesians Ridgebacks. They all live in harmony together.

How we take care of our dogs?


The Chihuahua and Rhosesian Ridgeback puppies grow up in an environment with young children and all of our other dogs. This means that the puppies learn to be social from an early age.

The pedigrees of our dogs are provided by the Raad van Beheer

(Dutch pedigree base)

We are also a member of the Eerste Gezelschapshonden Club Nederland. (Dutch kennel club)

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